Give a bro a Broti!

Over the fasting month, I’ve had the pleasure of getting myself some Broti from the Bazaar in Geylang Serai. For those who don’t know what Broti is, they’re a local business that specializes in milk-based tea. In this review, I’ll be sharing my first impression and thoughts on a specialty that they sell: Iced Thai Milk Tea. So, the most important question for us Singaporeans is, ‘is it value for money?’. ‘Yes,’ would definitely be the answer I’ll give in a heartbeat. The quality and quantity they deliver in a cup way surpasses the price we pay for this hearty beverage.

The taste of the Iced Thai Milk Tea is simply wonderful. To perfect the sweetness and the consistency of the tea takes lots of trial and error. They had to find that balance of tea, sugar, milk and ice. Too much milk and the tea would taste diluted and feel heavy while too little would make the tea too sweet and lighter than I prefer. Needless to say, their effort has payed off. Also, the astringency of the tea is relatively high, and keeps you craving for more!

For $4 a cup, I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the cup. What I expected was something like a Small from Coffee Bean or a Tall from Starbucks. But instead, what I got was at least a Grande, maybe even a Venti. The cup itself was filled almost to the brim with crushed ice, probably necessary to sufficiently dilute the potency of the brew.

The abundance of flavour still develops a little problem of its own, though. As I continued to sip, the taste became increasingly dull and bland. My taste buds were getting accustomed to the sweetness. It was the oyster swimming in lemon juice I ate that effectively reset my tongue. So if you’re planning to buy an Iced Thai Milk Tea, I would suggest pairing it up with a tart or spicy food item for balance.

I really recommend Broti’s Iced Thai Milk Tea. It’s a proudly Singaporean innovation. It’s value for money and it delivers. I don’t usually go back for seconds but I did. It was that good.


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