2 restaurants to satisfy your thin crust pizza cravings

The weekend is here and I have cravings. Sometimes, it’s for chicken wings, other times it’s steamboat. This week, I crave pizza! There are 2 pizza restaurants I may visit, which I will share with you:

  1. Alt. Pizza

alt pizza

Tired of conventional pizza? Alt. Pizza definitely offers an alternative to the usual chicken/pork topping combos! Apart from choosing from the preset Signature pizzas (which are interesting combinations in themselves), patrons also have the option to DIY their own pizza, selecting from an extensive range of alternative toppings. Alt. Pizza really lives up to its name as it offers such exotic toppings as blue crab, wagyu short ribs and Italian fennel sausage! Is DIY expensive? Well, the cost a self-designed pizza starts at $8 with one sauce and additional costs (ranging from an affordable $2-$5) will be charged per topping chosen. All in all, the total cost of a rationally-designed DIY is unlikely to exceed the menu price of a Signature.

The pizza crust is also worthy of mention. The thickness is standard — slightly thinner than Pizza Hut’s thin crust — and makes for a satisfactory bite that focuses on the ingredients rather than overfilling the mouth with dough. Being generous with the sauces, the pointy tip of each slice tends to fold downwards due to its own weight upon being picked up. As such, to avoid a mess of toppings falling off the slice, either fold the slice in half lengthwise, creating a ‘canal’ to keep all the deliciousness in, or roll it from the tip towards the crusty circumference and enjoy chowing down on a pizza ‘scroll’.

For Alt. Pizza’s starters, I would definitely recommend the Alt. Wings: beer brined chicken wings coated with hot sauce, served with blue cheese dip. The taste of beer is subtle but but when combined with hot sauce, we have a winner! I like this hot sauce flavour so much, I can even do without the dip — the plate just looks empty without it. Be sure to lick your fingers clean after savouring the wings! Another starter recommendation is the Spicy Buffalo Mac and Cheese, a delicacy beyond description. The macaroni is well-integrated in a substantial cheese sauce, topped with bacon bits. While indulging the mouth with wonderful flavours and textures, this potent dish is also rather salty so be sure to order a drink, or just order something else less salty.


My must-have starter: Beer brined chicken wings with hot sauce, served with blue cheese dip. Photo by Deliveroo

Alt. Pizza: 117 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428805

2. Skinny Pizza

skinny pizza

Fresh ingredients on a flaky-crust skinny pizza! Photo by Crunchy Bottoms

To pizza-lovers who worry about their calorie intake after consuming pizza, Skinny Pizza is the pizza for you! From the name, it’s not difficult to deduce that the pizza has a “skinny” crust. In fact, the crust is not just skinny, it’s flaky! It’s so crisp, it practically disintegrates upon the first bite. So if you are looking for a full, chunky bite of Chicago-style crust, Skinny Pizza is probably not your slice of pepperoni. But if you want your body to believe that it is absorbing fewer calories than it should be from an amazing indulgence, you have to have a Skinny Pizza!

I personally love Skinny Pizza as it incorporates a fair share of fresh vegetable toppings, making the meal less meaty and more balanced. My personal favourite is the Macadamia – Roasted Pumpkin pizza. The crust is peppered with salt while the pumpkin is slightly sweet to taste. This contrasting mixture is fun to taste. The pumpkin is well-cooked and feels deliciously mushy. It’s like eating crackers dipped in a sweet sauce. The roasted Macadamia crumbs gives texture to the pizza, providing a satisfying crunch in addition to the overall fresh flavour. My favourite element of this combination is the finely-chopped mint leaves sprinkled over the toppings. They not only spice up the pizza with a fresh surprise, they also leave the mouth and breath feeling oddly clean after a meal. At less than $30, the pizzas at Skinny Pizza are really affordable.

For the appetisers, I tried the the 1/2 meter-long sausage. It tasted well enough, but the texture was grainy and coarse, and not to my liking. Next time I go, I’ll try something else.

Food at Skinny Pizza is less heavily seasoned and flavoured so on days when I want to experience a lighter diet, I think of Skinny Pizza!

Skinny Pizza: 501 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238880


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