Take your brain functions higher with Elevate

“Elevate — Brain Training Games”: Heighten your mental agility and capacity with this application, which is designed to improve the brain’s cognitive function with fun, engaging games.

The app tailors itself to meet your learning goals. It begins with a short quiz to gauge your current abilities. You will then be given options as to the various cognitive functions you want to improve, such as writing, listening and math. Following which, you will receive daily training sessions in the fields of your choice. I chose all the functions available, although I can only play games for 3 functions per day, since I am using the free version. Nonetheless, these games are very creative and playing 3 is enough to spice up my day!

After accumulating enough points from succeeding in the games, you may unlock more games that train you further in the same function. You are also able to track your performance and milestones achieved (which definitely spurs my motivation to keep learning and training). Besides also providing a study resource library that helps improve your knowledge foundations, the app will also collate your previous errors, and reviewing your results certainly does commit your learning to long-term memory.

The best part about it? Training sessions do not require mobile data, and therefore people with limited mobile data (such as me) can play and learn anytime, anywhere!

While I may have been using the Elevate app for only about one month so far, it has been a really interesting experience that has engaged me continuously throughout. Overall, it’s a great app to both stave off boredom and improve one’s faculties in between tutorials or in transit.

Elevate is available on both the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android)


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