3 Dining Places to visit on Mothers’ Day

It’s Mothers’ Day today. Dwelling on what to eat? Read on to discover three amazing dining places that you may consider on Mothers’ Day!

  1.  Morganfield’s
Image result for morganfield carnivore platter

The platter to order if your mom’s a carnivore

Calling all mothers who are meat lovers! Morganfield’s is the exact place you should patronise to savour quality meat. Greatly reputed as the house of sticky bones, Morganfield’s presents one of the best BBQ pork ribs in Singapore. Thinking of a family meal? Get the Sharing Platter, specifically The Carnivore Sharing Platter. You can select three different flavoured pork ribs from a list of Hickory BBQ, Smoked Peppercorn, Garlic BBQ and Spicy Asian BBQ, together with a large portion of french fries, three large sausages and four corn bread muffins. Morganfield’s pork ribs are awesome as they is practically no fat on the ribs and the meat is tender and succulent. Also, the ribs are well seasoned that you can even taste the flavour in the bones. Spicy Asian BBQ is not exactly very spicy for me but tastes more sweet instead. I would recommend Hickory BBQ and Smoked Peppercorn if you like prefer a more umami flavour. Most importantly, though it is stated in the menu that the Sharing Platter can serve 3-4 persons, the portion is incredibly enormous! So if your family comprises small-eaters, call upon a few more friends or relatives to share the joy! The last time I went to Morganfield’s with 4 friends, we barely managed to finish our order. Of course, it is important to order a variety of salads like the Salmon Caesar and Apple & Chicken Caesar to achieve a reasonably balanced diet and facilitate proper digestion.

Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-51A, VivoCity, 098585

2.  A-One Claypot House

Image result for aone porridge

Nothing says ‘thanks mom’ like a home cooked meal she didn’t have to prepare herself

Pork ribs too overwhelming for you? Then visit A-One Claypot House for some tradition Chinese food. It is well known for its porridge which has received a global certificate of acknowledgement. Given the range of main ingredient options, there is a porridge for every taste. My favourite is the Dried Scallop Porridge with Fish Maw and Clam Abalone. It’s chef recommended and lower in calories, which will definitely suit mothers who are diet conscious. The texture of the porridge is generally smooth and, barring the added ingredients, can be drunk in like a thick broth. I prefer the rice grains to be ground before cooking to provide a “grainless” feel when you consume it, the way A-One does it. Apart for porridge, A-One also offers other dishes like Ginger Scallion Sliced Fish and Handmade Tofu with Assorted Eggs. These homely-looking dishes have a made-by -mother appearance, which is why I like dining at A-One.

Address: 1 Jurong West Central 2, 9 Singapore 648886

3.  Ambush

Image result for ambush squid ink pasta

Black squid ink noodles might look off-putting, but taste better than they look

Want something unique? Try European Cuisine at Ambush! First, let’s talk about their ingredients. Totally fresh. The leaves in the Caesar Salad are crunchy and sweet and the opposing flavours of Parmesan and sweet tomatoes are harmonious to taste. For the main course, I love pasta so I recommend the Spaghetti Al Nero Di Seppia Con Capesante, which is squid ink pasta, together with scallops, and fish roe. The pasta tastes a little bitter initially, but blends in a mix of sweet and salt in the aftertaste. For people who may find it too salty, mixing in the fish roe will help to ease the saltiness. The meal is perfect with any Italian soda. Furthermore, Ambush offers excellent service. The waiters clear empty plates promptly and elegantly to maintain the overall cleanliness of the table, facilitating a continually enjoyable dinning experience. Regardless of the time of day, Ambush maintains an atmosphere of peace and quiet, creating a conducive ambience for dining.

Address: 68 Orchard Road, #04-64/66, 238839

The three dining places mentioned above are some which have provided me with a great dining experience. Of course, what’s most important on Mothers’ Day is your heart of gratitude towards her and all that she has done for you.


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