I Love Hue: A gentle exploration of visual tranquility


Clean, minimalist graphics complement a seductively simple, yet visually vibrant puzzle game

COLOUR – move each tile to its perfect place within the spectrum”

I Love Hue is a minimalist, ambient puzzle game that is straightforward and easy to play. Simply arrange grids of coloured tiles into their rightful place on the colour spectrum, and that’s it! Each puzzle is varied with a different colour scheme, ranging from basic to increasingly complex and subtle colour gradients . I Love Hue is designed to provide a meditative, chilled experience, a balm to soothe anxiety and restlessness. With no timers, no move limits and no punishments for failure, it is a welcome break from the competitiveness that dominates many aspects of our lives. And indeed, it seems like I Love Hue has achieved what it set out to do with a rating of 4.8/5 stars on Google Play from its 30,000+ user base!

“HARMONY – create order out of chromatic chaos”

There are 4 main concepts to the game: “Colour”, “Harmony”, “Perception” and “Serenity”. The first concept, “Colour”, is self-explanatory, mainly referring to its principal game mechanism of arranging the tiles based on colour. The game does not offer anything else, and is true to its word as a minimalist game without any fancy mechanisms, no power ups or unlockables even as the game progresses. While this might be off-putting or boring to some, I feel that this is consistent with the spirit of the game in delivering a calming and simple experience by removing all these additional features frequently found in other games. The beauty of this game is aptly embodied by its second concept, “Harmony”, as the satisfaction derived from this colourful puzzler is in watching the final tile fit into place, restoring the harmonious blend of colours from the initial chromatic chaos. Without its simplicity, the game wouldn’t be the perfect experience of ease and enjoyment that it is.

“PERCEPTION – learn to see the smallest difference between similar colours”

The third concept is “Perception”, the ‘difficult’ mode of this stunning puzzler. The game tests the player’s colour perception to the highest degree, challenging you to differentiate between the most infinitesimal changes between hues to the point where tiles are practically indistinguishable from one another. I never knew there were so many shades of purple until I tried to arrange over a hundred “purple” tiles into an organised gradient (check out the 3rd screenshot above!). Even though it is challenging, the game introduces difficulty into the puzzles gradually and trains the players’ eyes to become more sensitive to subtle colour changes, one puzzle at a time.

“SERENITY – lose yourself in a tranquil world of colour and light”


Cutest puzzle completion message ever!

Lastly, the fourth and final concept is “Serenity”. The creators, Zut!, makes an excellent choice in having a soothing synth soundtrack accompany the game. It creates a soft and gentle environment that is most conducive for a moment of relaxation especially after a hectic day of life. The overall atmosphere of I Love Hue is cheerful and bright without being overwhelming, incorporating uplifting messages every now and then. Personally, I found the game to be a rewarding experience, and definitely grants their users a unique sensitivity and appreciation for colour.

To sum up, I highly recommend this game to anyone who needs a little bit of peace, and let I Love Hue take you on a gentle journey into colour and perception.


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