Star Cinnamon: ‘Cinn’fully irresistible


Warm, fluffy cinnamon rolls

The one and only Star Cinnamon store located at level B1 of Bugis Junction is a must to visit. I love breads and buns, and the sweet aroma of cinnamon just grabs me by the nose and pulls me to the counter.

Star Cinnamon is a sub-branch of Chewy Junior and they certainly live up to the reputation of their parent company. Star Cinnamon’s rolls come in 28 flavours and all of them look mouth-watering. They are slightly larger than palm size (depends on how big your palm is, actually) and topped with a rainbow range of frosting varieties. I tried 4 of their flavours and yes, they taste as amazing as they look. I think they would’ve tasted better if I’d warmed them up in my microwave at home, but they begged to be devoured on the spot. Sharing the rolls with my friend, whenjam, they were gone in seconds. Sinking my teeth into the cinnamon rolls felt so good. Not heavenly, but there’s no doubt that I’d travel all the way to Bugis to munch on them again.

The 4 flavours that we tried were marble cheese, royal cheese, chocolate fudge crumble and peanut butter chocolate. According to Whenjam, even though there’s not much cinnamon powder (seeing as how the dough was rather pale), she still felt that there was enough cinnamon flavour. The frosting can be overpowering, so if you want to taste the combination of the cinnamon and frosting, then angle your bite to take in more roll, and less frosting. But if you’re a frosting person, then demolish at will.

Even with a long queue, the staff’s efficient teamwork keeps the line moving fast. Overall, I am a satisfied customer, though I do also recommend exercising some self-control — it’s too easy to eat too many, too quickly, and be suddenly schooled in negative marginal returns. Regardless, my goal is to try out all their flavours… and live to tell my grandchildren about it!


So sinful — but nobody gets between me and my rolls!



Must… try… every… single… one…!


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