Full of Luck Club: A lucky food fusion

I’ve read reviews of this place, all of them raving about the mini buns that the Full of Luck Club has to offer. Seeing the photos however, was what really caught my attention — the mini buns look interesting and appetising. Naturally, I had to check this place out.

Upon entry, I was pleasantly surprised at the politeness of the staff. They greeted me with either a smile or a cheerful “Welcome!”, and I was almost immediately ushered to a seat. The staff were all very ready to serve their customers — from helping customers lay their cutlery, to patiently clarifying any and all customer queries. They also initiated an apology for taking a long time to serve a dish I ordered when they saw me blanking out at my seat. Their high quality service definitely scored brownie points for the place.

I ordered the traditional mini white buns (they were the main purpose for my visit), and they looked exactly as they did in their photos. The mini buns are a delightful twist to the usual fast-food burger, and put a spin on the typical Chinese fold-over buns. But what amazed me most was the taste. Imagine: succulent chunks of meat paired with crunchy strips of vegetables coated with a mildly sweet sauce, all stuffed between two warm, soft, white traditional buns. Personally, I feel that the buns are even fluffier and chewier than the traditional ones. Even as the buns began turning cold, they still maintained their original fragrance and tenderness. The meat was fried to perfection — crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The vegetables were a refreshing touch, adding that extra crunch to every mouthful.


Foreground: Salted egg prawn bun ; Background: Kung bao fried chicken bun

If the traditional mini white buns were heavenly, then the fried mini buns were simply out of this world! To me, they were even better than the traditional ones. The buns were a replica of Chinese deep-fried mantou —  except that the version the Full of Luck Club presented was definitely better as the buns were yet again fried flawlessly. Even as the buns cooled, they remained crispy, the interior remaining soft, fluffy and fragrant; but that’s not all. Paired with ice-cream and topped with marshmallows and chocolate chips, they made a sweet dessert for both the taste buds and the soul. The Full of Luck Club has indeed achieved a successful union between the East and the West, as the fried Chinese mantou and western ice-cream dessert not only presented this dish as unique, but also encompasses flavours and textures that bring out the best of both worlds.


Hokey-Pokey Ice-cream Bun

The Full of Luck Club has definitely brought luck to our stomachs with their version of fusion food. The delicious mini buns are merely an appetizer. The place offers much more scrumptious sharing platters as well, so it is perfect for large gatherings.

So, are you feeling lucky today? If not, try some of their non-food offerings, all on the theme of ‘luck’! Grab a fortune cookie from their counter, or participate in a lucky draw for a 4-digit code you can bet on when you buy a 4-D lottery ticket! Need a tipple? Full of Luck Club also offers a variety of alcoholic drinks in their mini bar upstairs (yes, there’s a second level). It’s like the party never ends!

Full Of Luck Club: 243 Holland Ave, Singapore 278977


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