Machida-Shoten 町田商店: A New Hope for ramen in SG

Japan Food Town at Wisma Atria houses quite a few gems and Machida-Shoten is just conveniently located among the first few shops from the main entrance. With austere wooden seating arrangements placed with almost OCD precision and only a bright red banner identifying the outlet, the decor is basic ‘Japanese noodle shop’.

Machida-Shoten features 3 main types of ramen, namely the shoyu-tonkotsu, shio-tonkotsu and spicy miso ramen. Tonkotsu ramen is usually more popular as it’s hard for us Singaporeans to resist a creamy, rich pork bone broth. The simplicity of the menu really makes deciding what to order less of a headache as compared to some other ramen shops with too many over-creative variations and add-on options.


Shoyu-Tonkotsu ramen

spicy miso

Spicy miso ramen

Another huge plus point is the option to pick your preferences from 3 different categories:

Noodles: (Soft/ Normal/ Firm)

Flavour: (Mild/ Normal/ Rich)

Oil: (Less/ Normal/ More)

My go-to choices are always firm/ rich/ more but that usually turns my bowl of ramen into an oil slick. That’s how I love it. Sue me.

diff angle

The bowl that raised my hopes for ramen in Singapore

From first impressions of my shoyu-tonkotsu ramen, the addition of spinach over menma (seasoned, dried bamboo shoots) was weird but it served to soak up the powerfully rich soup, actually heightening the flavour with a veggie crunch. The cha-shu was phenomenal, so tender that it broke apart upon picking it up, the succulent fat melting in my mouth the moment it went in. Their aji-tama (flavored egg) was also one of the better ones I have tried, with a perfectly runny yolk. I could literally drink it. Damn, son!

The broth was AMAZING. The most distinct difference that separates Machida Shoten’s tonkotsu-shoyu ramen from the rest is the absence of that ever-so-slightly unpleasant after-taste of overboiled pork bone that I’ve noticed in other tonkotsu ramen outlets.

Could anything get more amazing than that? Yes — the underrated Nori (seaweed). Soak it in the broth and unlock an intoxicating umami (the “fifth taste” best described as savouriness or meatiness).

Lastly, why not have a glass of Kirin beer to go with your ramen?


A pint goes for only $4.80 during happy hour

These are the opinions of someone who who consumes unhealthy levels of sodium on a daily basis, but there is no doubt that their ramen is exceptional. It’s also homely enough that my mom could make it — if she were a ramen champion 🙂 Oh, and their service was great too.


They have a vege-vegan ramen as well!

Machida Shoten:

Wisma Atria #04-40, 435 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238877

Nearest MRT Station: Orchard

Daily: 1130 – 2300
Price Range: Low $20s and below


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