Reward your daily grind with Habitica


What a majestic purple griffin, perhaps to imbue in you the motivation to get things done?

Here’s the thing. To me, a useless, instant reward like a pixelated pet dragon is simply more motivating compared to an important, far away goal (A levels? What’s that?). Unfortunate, but true.

Did I mention a pet dragon? Heck yeah!

Being a JC student in Singapore is no joke. There’s got to be some way to manage our ridiculous mountain of work. Introducing, Habitica — “A free habit building and productivity app that treats your real life like a game.”

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-04 at 12.04.30 AM

My avatar and a little purple panda!

In essence, Habitica combines 3 main scheduling functions – daily tasks, to-do’s and habits – with RPG-style elements. For each task you complete in real life, you gain experience and in-game currency that advances your progress in the game-world. For example, you buy in-game items and equipment to customize your avatar. Alternatively, create your own rewards to motivate yourself, like allowing yourself to eat a cookie after earning 10 gold coins.

Thus, Habitica puts a spin on traditional task management apps by making turning your real-life activities into a game, and implementing a unique reward system to motivate users to get their life together and stop procrastinating.


  • Habitica has a clean interface, relatively easy to use and manage, allowing you to keep track of your tasks and activities easily.
  • Simple and customisable reward system, straightforward and satisfying especially for those who enjoy collecting items/equipment in games.
  • A supportive community! You can join a guild with people of similar interests, or visit the Tavern to chat with fellow Habitica user and moderators who can help you out if you run into any problems. Convenient, no?
  • In-built “challenges” feature, where you can browse a list of unique challenges – usually aimed at improving personal well-being such as the “30-Day Kindness Challenge”, “Drink Only Water”, “250 Steps Per Hour” etc. Nothing like virtual recognition for doing what we should be doing IRL, anyway!


  • May ironically become a distraction as there are tons of functions and features that can be explored in the application, as well as an active community of people to chat with.
  • Cheating the system and clearing tasks just for the sake of gaining new items/experience, etc., is always a temptation, since there are no safeguards against it.
  • It may become troublesome to manage the tasks and would require you to check the app relatively often to keep your tasks updated. (But hey, if you weren’t already planning to use a productivity app to help manage your life, then what are you even doing with this app?)
  • Requires internet access.

Overall, Habitica is a decent app that is well organised with several nifty functions. Habitica caters to a particular niche of productivity app-users but if you have affinity for neither management apps nor RPGs, it’s probably not for you.

It’s been fun exploring and experimenting with Habitica. Test it out for yourself and see how it works for you. Personally, it’s been quite an… experience!


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