Student on a budget: Drugstore Makeup

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a professional makeup artist, just a broke kid sharing my opinions and what I feel about these products!

Some of these products aren’t exactly from drugstores (like Guardian, Watsons, and Sasa) but are instead even cheaper.

First off is, foundation! Maikohan bb creme gives a really natural look and a nice powder finish but if you are looking for something with high coverage, then this might not be the one for you. However, if you are blessed with great skin that doesn’t need much coverage this would do just fine!


Maikohan BB creme (shade 02) @ $24.90, but there was a 25% discount so I got it at $18.60 instead!

Although it might seem slightly pricey, I personally feel that it is important to invest in a suitable foundation because the base is EVERYTHING.

Moving on to the eyes: the H&M eye shadow palette! If you didn’t know, H&M launched their own makeup line and honestly I was really impressed with the pigmentation of the shadows. Of course they are not Urban Decay, Chanel standard but for $14.90? I think it’s pretty worth it. The pigmentation is not intense and though it does have some fallout, it’s still reasonably good for the price.


H&M eye shadow palette (Aubergine Dream) @ $14.90!

FullSizeRender (3)


Not much of a blusher girl, but this shade (Chai) gives off a really natural rosy look which I like a lot.

FullSizeRender (6)

L.A. colors mineral blush (Chai) @ $9 (to be honest I can’t remember how much i got it for but it was definitely less than $10!)

My current obsession, highlighters! The Colourpop creme highlighter is definitely my go-to. I just absolutely love the glow it gives, whereas the L.A. girl highlighter is really pigmented but gives off more of a subtle glow (might be because the one I bought is of the less blinding shades) and I’m more of a “I want to people with my highlight” kind of girl.


Left: Colourpop (Wisp) @ $11, Right: L.A. Colors (30 watts) @ $12

FullSizeRender (4)

Swatches! Left: Colourpop, Right: L.A. Colors

My all time favorite, lipstick (tip of the day: throw on any dark lipstick and you’ll look like you’ve got your act together and are great at doing makeup)!


Lippie Stix @ $7, Ultra Satin/ Matte/ Metallic @ $8! (Sponsor me please Colourpop)

As you can see, I throw my cash at Colourpop stuff with no regrets (also they provide free international shipping if you spend above USD$50)! The lippie stix, ultra satin and metallic lips are really smooth and creamy, and they are quite lasting as well! However, the ultra matte lip, I find a little too drying. Also, when I have to top it up, you can see how it doesn’t layer on nicely — which annoys me because it looks just gross.

FullSizeRender (5)

Swatches! Top to bottom: Chateau, Grunge, Taurus, Calypso (satin), Tulle (matte), Zebra (metallic)

People tend to think that cheap makeup means low quality BUT NO, sometimes cheap makeup can be just as good as your high-end stuff (I’m not saying that they are of the same level, but some are comparable, so don’t bash me, thanks). It varies from person to person, but I do enjoy my cheap makeup. 🙂


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