Review: Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon


Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon

Everyone knows the typical plot in which the damsel in distress waits for her prince charming to sashay in, fashionably swing his fists around, defeat all the villains, and save the day. Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon, however, plays against type. As the title suggests, this k-drama stars an extraordinary woman endowed with superhuman strength, who manages just fine on her own.

Do Bong-Soon (Park Bo-Young) inherits the superhuman strength that has existed in her family for generations. In a world filled with normal people, she does her best to avoid using her power, keeping a low profile. ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ — and that is precisely what she has been trying to avoid since young. Then she meets Min-Hyuk (Park Hyung-Sik).

Min-Hyuk is the CEO of video game company, Ainsoft. Due to a family dispute, he’s been threatened on multiple occasions and after seeing Bong-Soon’s strength, hires her as his body guard. Clearly underestimating the frequency that Min-Hyuk gets threatened, Bong-Soon is forced to use her powers more often than she had bargained for. As they slowly get enmeshed in innumerable dangerous situations, a spark ignites between them… and then there is Kook-Doo.

Kook-Doo (Ji Soo) is a childhood friend of Bong-Soon’s. A passionate detective, he is investigating a case of serial kidnappings that eventually involves all three of them. Cue weird love triangle.

Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon is an amusing rom-com spun around these three characters. Min-Hyuk brings humor; Bong-Soon, cuteness; and Kook-Doo, the cool factor. Numerous scenes get the heart pumping with thrilling action, and a touch of creepiness relating to the serial kidnapping case. This drama will make you turn bipolar: many sequences are illogical and unbelievable, but they, too, are what makes this drama so unique and watchable. With an army of undying thugs, people sent flying all over the place with no apparent consequences, and a super-strong granny, things get pretty interesting. For girls who dream of being strong or guys who fantasize about protecting cute girls, this series is a must watch!

(Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon is at Episode 9 at the time of this review).


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