Kimi No Nawa: an existential crisis


Kimi No Namae Wa? (What is your name?)

With an intriguing plot (few spoilers here) and impeccable pacing, Kimi No Nawa (Your Name) is a one-way ticket to an existential crisis.

The movie starts slowly, patiently building anticipation, like being cranked up the first and steepest slope, then releasing into an exhilarating roller coaster ride full of sharp ups and downs, and unexpected turns.

It starts off sweet and cheerful with a boy and a girl swapping bodies, and having to live as a different gender in a different place with different friends from their previous lives. In order to avoid screwing up each other’s lives, they keep strict rules to keep status quo as best they can — at least until they can figure out how to switch back. However, when a comet appears, they discover that their transformation is really the least of their worries. Thus begins an intriguing journey to unravel the mystery behind the stranger in the mirror staring back at them, and to put things right once and for all.

The body-swapping trope has already been done several times before: boy with girl, parent with child, prince with pauper. They are usually about seeing the world from the perspective of the Other and arriving at a shared understanding at the end. Kimi No Nawa, however, adds layers of depth to the concept. The narrative explores several different routes, yet drops subtle hints along the way to keep the audience guessing until the mind-blowing conclusion. It is especially satisfying to see all the plot strands coming together, and reaching a resolution that is beautiful not just visually, but philosophically as well.

Kimi No Nawa immerses us in a world of stunning, cinematic visuals, together with Radwimp’s catchy songs. Through it’s engrossing plot involving some weird, some humorous situations, this incredible piece of art will make you question your life and lifestyle choices.The plotline of questing for lost love pretty much requires an accompanying box of tissues to catch all the sniffles. It’s surprising how a single movie can evoke so much humor, romance, thrill, and mystery. Kimi No Nawa is not just a movie but an incredible, unforgettable experience.


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