Review: Zhen Hao Noodles Lor Mee

(Photo Credits: Straits Times, Tan Hsueh Yun)

Need to reward yourself with a steaming bowl of delectable piping hot noodles at the end of an honest day’s work? Look no further, for this unassuming bowl of noodles might just be it.

Located in North Bridge Road Market, the humble Zhen Hao Noodles stall “珍好卤面” is well known for its prized lor mee (A Chinese-inspired dish comprising yellow noodles in dark starchy gravy).

If it is your first trip to the stall, expect to wait patiently in line. Good things are worth the wait, as understood by the stall’s ever increasing patronage.

(Photo credits: Sunny Tan, Stall holder of Zhen Hao Noodles)

With only three items on the menu: Treasure, Cod Fish and Traditional Lor Mee, customers are clearly not spoiled for choice. Yet, the many newspaper reviews displayed beside the menu attest that the dishes, few though they may be, do not disappoint.

The friendly and amiable stall-owner took my order of Treasure and Cod Fish Fillet (priced at five $6 and $5 respectively). Soon, with the two steaming bowls of lor mee variations on my tray, I moved to the nearest table for a feast.

The aroma of spices and black vinegar wafted up as I gazed at the generous servings of braised pork belly and fried yam cake topped with a sprinkle of parsley in my ‘Treasure’ noodle bowl. Aesthetically and aromatically pleasing, I dug in straight away. The pork belly was tender and succulent, and went well with the thick, chewy yellow noodles ladled over with thick, tasty gravy. Every mouthful was a delight to savour.

The cod fish fillet was simply irresistible. Fried to crisp-yellow perfection, it stayed surprisingly crunchy despite its contact with the gravy. Accompanied with its well-flavoured batter, wolfing down noodles with the fish was highly enjoyable.

Impressed with the mouth-washing lor mee that the stall has continued to whip up for close to a decade, I spoke to the stall holder Mr Sunny Tan, 50, and inquired about the secret to the success of his business.

“不进而退”, he replied warmly. Loosely translated, it means to have the spirit of perseverance. As he elaborated, I discovered that he had indeed held this mantra close to heart. Managing the operations of the stall from evening till afternoon the next day (7pm-1pm) for six days a week is tough work, not to mention having to stand for hours amidst the sweltering heat from the noodle boilers.

With such dedication and brilliance that Mr Tan has invested into his work, he earns my respect and admiration.

So are you waiting for? Come down to now to enjoy a bowl of scrumptious lor mee prepared with sheer passion and an expert hand.

Zhen Hao Noodles: 861 North Bridge Road Market and Food Centre #01-97 Singapore 198 783

(Photo Credit: Google Maps)



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