How to eat prawn noodles using only chopsticks

Prawn noodles is a messy dish to eat. Unshelled prawns are a prime ingredient and a major part of the experience of eating prawn noodles. Prawn heads are integral to boiling the broth, creating the rich, heady (literally) flavour that is such a treat for the nose and tongue. But as a diner, de-shelling the prawns yourself is such a hassle, and spitting out bits of shell on the table makes for poor etiquette and is not likely to make a good impression on your dining partner.

As a first date destination, prawn noodles are… not recommended. But if you insist — because Blanco Court Prawn Mee serves up a fantastic version of this local street food — here are some tips on how some oral gymnastics can help save the evening for you. Plus, your fingers will remain oil-free so you can hold hands immediately afterwards as you stroll down scenic Beach Road or explore the cool little ethnic enterprises in the Arab Street area.

But first, just admire this beautiful bowl of halved prawns, kangkong and bouncy noodles in aromatic, savory soup.

Armed with only chopsticks, and maybe a soup spoon though you don’t really need it, here is de-shelling prawns 101:

  1. With a firm grip on the mid-section, bite off the head along with its accompanying legs — the longish ones. There may be a little meat left in the head, so you may nibble at the part you bit off to check.
  2. Bite off the tail section. This last segment will contain a bit of meat that should now be easy to extract.
  3. Carefully bite off the remaining legs in one bite. Slide your tongue in between the shell and the meat which will now be easily liberated for your gastronomical pleasure.

None of these steps requires any finger contact with the prawn. Just use the chopsticks to remove shell from mouth to avoid spitting bits everywhere and giving your date second thoughts about going out with you ever again.

But really, none of this matters if your date is a gourmand like you. Have fun!

Blanco Court Prawn Mee: 243 Beach Road, #01-01, Singapore 189754 Beach Rd, Singapore 189754


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