Bun on a budget

If you’re cash-strapped and hungry, here’s where to get delicious, low cost foods, because being on a budget does not mean you have to deprive yourself of good food. When hunger pangs get frequent and cash gets limited, there’s Baker Talent.

This week, satisfy your stomach and and maximize your pocket-change with Baker Talent’s cranberries cheese bun. At less than a dollar apiece, it’s a steal!

What makes the cranberries cheese bun unique is that the cranberries are chopped finely and scattered around the bun. You can actually see the small red cranberry flakes everywhere on the surface. The one drawback, of course, is that the cranberry bits are cut so fine, it’s quite difficult to savour the full sweetness of the cranberries which ought to complement the cheese filling more emphatically.

The cheese filling on the other hand, is simply heavenly. Soft and creamy with no lumps, it’s more like a spread — and a relatively generous helping of cheese as compared to other bakeries. The scent and taste of cheese is rich and pleasing, and not overly sweet.

What makes this bun really worth the money is that the cream cheese almost completely fills the entire bun. Every bite packs in the full flavour of bread and cheese, and maybe a little cranberry tang, if you’re lucky.

The cream cheese filling almost fills the entire bun!

And the best part about Baker Talent’s cranberry cream cheese bun? Just one should be enough to satisfy your hunger pangs, but if you want another, go for it! At less than a dollar each, just keep ’em coming!

Baker Talent’s cranberry cheese bun could do with larger pieces of cranberry and perhaps an even thicker spread of cream cheese to enhance its flavour even more. I really like the cream cheese filling as it is rich, creamy and simply delectable — definitely value for money. While the ratio of cheese to bread could still be higher, considering the price, it’s still better than you can expect.

Baker Talent (Serangoon Branch): 261 Serangoon Central Drive, Singapore 550261

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