Trial by fire: A championship for young medics

On the third of March 2017, a competition was held to test the skills of young medics within the Red Cross. This competition was known as First Aid Championships 2017, one in a series of challenges held over a series of years to trial young first aiders by fire, to test their skills and abilities in pseudo real conditions, in which teams of first aiders would be placed within certain settings and be forced to perform their duties within a time limit and, at times, with limited supplies.


The main test is generally based off real life conditions, with teams having to prove their competency in terms of ability to meet multiple criteria,such as:

  • Competency in bandaging the wounds of the cases
  • Competency in diagnosis of wounds
  • Teamwork between first aiders
  • Ability to comfort cases and ensure the comfort of cases during treatment
  • Ability to respond to complications that occur during treatment

And so on…

Through this trial by fire, such abilities would be tested to prove the presence of these traits within the teams and individuals involved. These teams would then be graded via ranks Gold, Silver and Bronze, in which the best performing teams get gold and so on.

Personal Experience

As one of the participants, I was involved in this grueling competition. During preparations, we in the Nanyang Junior College (NYJC) team set aside much of our time to prepare, using information from our teammates who have experienced such a test and also from experience accrued from out first aid training. Using these, we spent hours of our time simulating different scenarios and improvisation conditions such as practicing comforting our cases and also patching up our ‘casualties’ with whatever we have at that point in time. At times, we even had to stay way past hours just to complete training for that day.But in the end, we managed to be more adept in out craft and even bond together as an entire crew.

With a combination of all those, we manage to pull through from being a scrappy team to a well-trained and experienced crew that was able to win the only gold award during the entire match to our glory.


Honestly, this was a very fulfilling competition. Through this, we managed to grow as a team and medics, growing our appreciation of the arts of first aid. Through this, we matured and learnt the values of first aid and also as a team, learning how to communicate with each other and synergise with each other as a group. I only hope that over time, more groups of cadets and chapter members would join in the future. Hopefully, more groups would be able to fulfill this hope, to ensure that the Red Cross members would be able to mature more and grow to be more able to represent the values the Red Cross represents in the future, for the betterment of the future.





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