Decluttering your personal space


Minimalist vs non-minimalist wardrobe space

For anyone who didn’t grow up loving packing as I did, they would probably associate the word “decluttering” with extra work. Decluttering and organising your room sounds like such a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. Before you click away, thinking that I am here to give you the “top 10 tips for decluttering”, I certainly am not. In fact, I don’t exactly believe in that. Instead, I will be sharing with you why you should declutter.

Decluttering offers more than just a tidy space. What it offers is the clearing up of life’s excess to make room for more. Not more material possessions, but more time, energy and happiness. Decluttering in this sense, is hence about clearing up life’s excess, to focus on what truly matters to you. And this whole concept is based on minimalism.

Now, take a moment to think about the current state of your room, your work space, or whatever space you visit on a daily basis. Can you recall a pile of unused notebooks lying somewhere? Or perhaps several gifts from friends that you don’t like but can’t bear to get rid of? Or even that hidden drawer of “just in case” items that is constantly piling up? Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong about keeping these items. And yet, many fail to realise how much these items, and the state of your personal space can affect your state of mind and lifestyle. What I am merely suggesting is, getting rid of things that do not add value to your life, or bring you happiness, can actually be extremely liberating.

When I first started my minimalism journey, I did it for the joy of packing and organising things. Little did I know that decluttering would have a direct impact on my lifestyle and happiness. For a start, reducing your possessions equates to a reduced need to spend time tidying your space, simply because you have fewer things to create a mess. But this is far from the reason that led me to commit to a minimalist lifestyle. The key reason is that it taught me to define myself not by what I own, but by who I am as a person. Owning a ton of material possessions can unconsciously weigh you down. It is easy to lose yourself in the midst of chasing after all the latest trends and obtaining all that promise a life of luxury. However, when you learn to make room in your life for things that hold priority, you learn to define yourself by your character and your values. Most importantly, you grow to be more content with the little you have, because you acknowledge and recognise that one does not require much to live happily.

While decluttering does not promise the definite results of learning to be content with your life, it certainly does help you to identify the many objects that are unnecessarily taking up room in your life. And with that, you are already a step closer to experiencing contentment. So, are you ready to give decluttering a go?


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