Review: Lynn’s Cakes & Coffee

Lynn's cake counter, with a view of the kitchen

Lynn’s cake counter, with a view of the kitchen

Lynn’s Cakes and Coffee presents a cafe concept that puts its focus on pretty cakes. The decor is full of clean lines with homely touches at the edges. The interior is brightly lit, good for leisurely reading. Due to limited seating, the cafe fills up quickly at peak mealtimes, but whole cakes go briskly out the door as much patronage is from take-out orders.

Salmon pasta

Salmon pasta

If it’s a more substantial meal you’re looking for, there is a range of pasta offered either algo olio or tomato based, and customers can select their desired level of spiciness. The salmon pasta comes with two generous fillets of salmon. Deliciously not overcooked, the salmon runs with its own oils, flavourful throughout. I’m not used to bits of French bean in my pasta, but these added an interesting crunchy texture to the dish. Overall, it tasted fresh and satisfying.

Cheddar cream cake

Cheddar cream cake

I selected the cheddar cream cake to go with my long black. Topped with cheddar shavings, it was odd combination of flavours: neither sweet nor salty but a pleasantly subtle blend of both. Given the variety of cakes in the counter display, I would certainly like to try something else on my next visit. Lemon thyme cake, I have my eye on you.

Lynn’s Cakes and Coffee

Address: 11 Eng Kong Terrace, Singapore 598983



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