Aghanim arrives for more Dota 2 Heroes: Patch 6.84

The 6.84 patch has finally come out. There are many major changes that came with this patch such as Aghanim upgrades for more Heroes, 8 new items and also various buffs and nerfs on many more heroes.

This patch has added the most Aghanim upgrade on Heroes to date. With the Aghanim upgrade, a Hero can enhance its skills in a by purchasing the Aghanim scepter. Although some heroes benefit more than others from Aghanim, this patch brings about some crucial skill enhancements to some specific Heroes, one of the most prominent being the Centaur’s Aghanim upgrade. The Centaur’s Aghanim upgrade enhances Centaur’s Ultimate by providing an extra unobstructed movement effect (over cliffs and trees) as well as reducing all incoming damage by 70%. Buying an Aghanim Scepter for Centaur is very worthwhile as it is great in game-determining team fights by providing added advantage in terms of positioning and tankiness.

This patch also adds 8 new items to the game. Of these 8 (all of which are very impressive and meta-changing), 2 have caught most of my attention. The first item is called the Guardian Greaves. Guardian Greaves is made from a Mekanism and Arcane boots. I felt that this item is very important especially for supports. In the past, supports who usually had to buy Arcane boots and Mekanism (such as Lich) would only have 4 slots left for its remaining items (since a hero can hold a max of 6). With Guardian Greaves, supports now have 1 extra slot to buy another item, which I feel make the difference in a game. The other item which I was genuinely mesmerized by is called the Octarine Core. The Octarine Core enables heroes to have Spell Lifesteal. Yes, you heard me right, Spell Lifesteal! Spell Lifesteal is unheard of in Dota 2 until the arrival of this patch.So far there are only 4 items that provide Lifesteal but as they only apply to Physical attacks, they’re not very useful for Nukers. Sure, some spells allow you to steal some HP but an item which grants you the ability to Lifesteal when casting spells? Just… wow!


With this patch, although some Heroes have been buffed, others have been nerfed.

The Sniper has probably undergone the greatest nerf in this patch. With a less Agility gain of 2.5 from 2.9, Sniper also deals less damage from Assassinate. His Shrapnel skill has also been nerfed. I felt that this nerf was necessary as Sniper does seem a little too overpowered when in the hands of a skilled player. This nerf would hopefully level the playing field when facing a Sniper.

The Hero which I feel has been buffed the most is the Dragon Knight. Besides the buff added to his Ultimate, I felt that the extra reduction of base damage of targets inflicted by Breathe Fire makes Dragon Knight a more formidable foe as it adds to his offense and tankiness.

On the whole, I am very pleased with the 6.84 patch. There will definitely be major meta changes especially in the competitive scene with the various changes that have been brought about, and I am definitely eager to see how these new changes will affect gameplay from now on.