Nam’s brews my cup of green milk tea!

Away from the main thoroughfare of Chinatown, I wandered looking for Amoy Street. As a milk tea enthusiast, I was adamant to locate what some Singaporeans have called a ‘hidden gem’. Walking along a stretch of bars, I thought I was on the wrong street! However true enough, on the first level of Far East Square, I finally found Nam’s Brewing Thai Tea and Coffee.

Welcome to Nam's!

Welcome to Nam’s!

Nam’s is a small shop and it isn’t a surprise that the majority of its patrons are impeccably dressed office workers. Though the seating area is rather crammy, it still feels warmly welcoming and aesthetically decorated with quirky and interesting art pieces on the walls. Somehow, the place exudes a feeling of…’lepak’-ness*. The atmosphere is pretty chill, just perfect relaxing and unwinding after a hard day’s work!

A cosy nook for sipping and chatting.

A cosy nook for sipping and chatting.

As I took a seat, I couldn’t help but notice the shop was constantly crowded by customers surging in roughly 10 minute cycles! It took me quite some time to decide what I should try. While most customers ordered the original Thai milk tea, Thai Green Milk tea came in a close second. Opting for the former, I placed my order and observed the staff masterfully shaking up various concoctions in metal shakers. You cannot imagine how excited I was by the unbelievably large cup they served my order in!

Look at the size of that thing!

Look at the size of that thing!

Two yummy milk teas. The camera is for scale.

Two yummy milk teas. The camera is for scale.

Taking a sip of the original Thai milk tea, I was taken by the strong tea essence! The milk taste only came a moment after, which felt like two separate tastes that weren’t blending together as smoothly as I expected. It was truly strange because the tea taste was predominantly at the back of my mouth while the milk taste was more prominent at the tip of my tongue. Moreover, this particular Thai iced milk tea doesn’t come out too strong and thick, meaning that it had a very light milk tea taste. It did provide a balanced sweetness which worked, but overall, the flavour was a little mild for my liking, so it didn’t exactly amount to my cuppa tea! (Ha ha, get it?)

In comparison, the regular iced milk tea found standard in local coffee shops give off a very strong milk and tea combo which is what I prefer. Maybe it’s just my tastebuds that are used to tasting more robust flavors. If, like me, you prefer a stronger hit, I recommend ordering the popular second choice: the green milk tea!

Nam’s green milk tea is an excellent blend of milky green tea infusion with a good balance between its tea taste and milkiness. The flavour was just perfect, keeping me going as I indulged myself in frequent sips! Definitely a must try when you visit this place!

If you were wondering what tea leaves Nam’s uses, it’s ‘Cha Tra Mue’ (Number One Brand Thai Tea), which gives its own uniquely aromatic scent and blend.

Hang on... I might have just found out the secret to a good milk tea!

Hang on… I might have just found out the secret to a good milk tea!

Overall, this place comes highly recommended to all milk tea lovers! Pay a visit to Nam’s Brewing Thai Tea for a fresh cold, sweet milk tea at an affordable price in an ambience designed for kicking back and relaxing for a short spell.