All Time Low hits a new high with “Future Hearts”

“Future hearts”, which was released on 7th April, is the 6th studio album released by the American power pop band All Time Low. The band is lauded for its smart lyrical style and powerful instrumentals and vocals as featured in its previous album, “Don’t Panic”.
All Time Low is American band from Maryland. Formed in 2003, the band consists of rhythm guitarist and power vocalist Alex Gaskarth, leading guitairst and backing vocalist Jack Barakat, bassist and backing vocalist Zack Merrick, and drummer Rian Dawson. Starting out as a high school band, they released their first studio album titled, “The Three Words to Remember in Dealing with the End” in 2004. Since then, the band has released 5 more studio albums, with “Future Hearts” being the sixth.
From left to right: : Lead singer Alex, bassist Zack, drummer Rian and lead guitarist Jack.

From left to right: : Lead singer Alex, bassist Zack, drummer Rian and lead guitarist Jack.

“No way they could top their previous album,” said skeptical me, before I gave the quartet a listen. But on my first listen, I was hooked on the melodic tunes by vocalist Alex, as well as Jack’s amazing guitar. The overall “punk-ish” vibe was all there, without overpowering the vocals.
All Time Low’s lyrics are as punk as they come. Depressing and rebellious, songs like “Kids in the dark” portray vividly the sense of hopelessness; of giving up; and abandonment, with despondent lines like “Beautiful scars on critical veins” and  “I am left standing on the edge”. The songs “Kicking and screaming” (an angsty teenage lament on being in a one-sided love affair) and “Runaways” are the essence of pure punk rock, a solid blend of the electric guitars and bass consistently providing the essence of what has made this band great all along.
All Time low Performing "Kids in the dark".

All Time Low Performing “Kids in the dark”.

“Missing You”, however, is a big change in musical direction, experimenting with the boundaries of pop and layering of instrumentals. Similar to “Kids in the dark”, this song also conveys the message of never giving up and pushing on even through the toughest times — but takes a more encouraging tack. With the milder instrumentals and a great vocal performance by Alex, “Missing You” features lyrics like “Don’t lose your fight, kid,” and “It takes a little push to pull on through”, which make it the one song that stands out as not being all hopeless and bleak.
I am glad to say that the release of “Future Hearts” has indeed met the high bar of my expectations given the success of their previous albums. All Time Low, you have a new listener.
Rating: 9/10

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