Affordable alternatives to Daniel Wellington

DWDaniel Wellington. The name back in the past might have sounded like the name of an average Joe on a list of average Joes, or perhaps a Daniel sloshing around in a pair of Wellies. Today, when this name is mentioned, a particular watch may come to mind. With a slim watch face framed by silver and its trademark NATO wristband, the Daniel Wellington is a champion of minimalist design.

DWs come with a modular wristband which gives you the freedom to change the look and feel of your watch depending on your mood or the image you feel like showing the world. Simple and classy, it can be worn to complete any outfit. It is versatile, minimalist chic — the “It” watch of today.

I could keep raving on and on about this watch and YET I have yet to get one. You see, the main problem is that Daniel Wellingtons are overpriced and seriously overhyped for someone with my meager allowance.

As a student, I’d be hard pressed to spend about USD$250 for a piece of aluminium that says Daniel Wellington, coupled with a cool NATO strap that I honestly think came from a discount fabric shop. Simple and versatile, yes, but it is entirely possible to get a watch that is equally simple, versatile and yet un-common (DW is so mainstream!) for half the price.

So, if you are about to jump onto the Daniel Wellington bandwagon — STOP! I am here to save you from diving into avoidable and unnecessary mainstream-ity (and also to help you avoid splurging on a watch that has close substitutes).


image source: WEEKENDER (USD$100)

It is JUST AS versatile as the Daniel Wellington watch, with customisable straps and a more sturdy-looking watch face. Switch out the canvas straps for a leather one for a more formal event and you have all the great stuff about a Daniel Wellington packed into a watch that’s half the price and arguably twice the reliability.





Image source: 01NATO (USD$120)

With a diverse range of straps that comes in interesting prints (Search Rubicon!), they’re eye catching and and are always a good excuse for an Instagram moment. Underhyped and seemingly unknown to the rest of the mainstream universe, you are likely to be the only one around town wearing this watch.

See also,




It comes in a whole spectrum of colours (yes, including grey) and even in acetate for people looking for a classy twist to the modern watch.







What oozes geek-cred more than wearing a calculator on your wrist?!








Image source:$ProductImage$LEATHER WATCH FOR WOMEN BY CASIO (USD$10-50)

Casio offers this huge variety of watches with leather straps and gold/silver faces that are perfect to be worn with dresses in spring [not that we have spring in Singapore! Ed.]. I probably won’t be able to list them all out because there are just TOO MANY. If you’re interested, you should probably go to your nearby watch shop and browse. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.


I hope this post has helped you in your search for a watch that is suitable to your taste and reflective of your lifestyle choices; and convinced you that the world still has many, many, many, other watch options than the coveted Daniel Wellington. If you’re a cash-strapped student like me, let’s not waste our time craving an up-market trend we can’t afford when cost-friendlier and equally aesthetically appealing options are so readily available!

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