McDonald’s unleashes the customizable burger

Call it a fresh-from-the-kitchen experiment or a new marketing strategy, McDonald’s has just stepped up its game in the fast food scene in Singapore. If you’re a picky eater or are sniffing out something new, you’re on the right page! Introducing… the ‘Create Your Taste’ dining experience released by McDonald’s! Think you can come up with better combinations to stack a burger with than #twoallbeefpattiesspecialsaucelettucecheesepicklesonionsonasesameseedbun? Now’s your chance to prove it!


Who says we shouldn’t play with our food?

Launched in the US towards the end of 2014, “Create your taste” proved a popular draw and was quickly implemented in Singapore. However, this promotion is only being run at the Jurong East Mall McDonald’s, so for those of you who don’t live in the West of Singapore, allow me to give you a little taste. After all, considering I live in Serangoon and made a 25km trip just to indulge in a burger crafting experience, I believe that qualifies me as something of an expert in the field.


A feast for the eyes!

Upon arrival, I was pleasantly greeted by McDonald’s staff who directed me to an upright touchscreen-enabled interactive menu that was newly installed near the entrance. There the friendly staff guided me through the customization and ordering process.

May we take your order?

May we take your order?

Finally left to my own devices (literally), I was more than impressed with the state-of-the-art menu graphics; and the slickness and ease of the operation. Firstly, we either customize our own burger with an array of ingredients to choose from, or if you’re overwhelmed with having to deal with too many permutations and the customer behind you is breathing heavily down your neck, you can always hastily opt for 1 of 3 signature creations, masterfully put together by the establishment itself.

Idiot-proof ordering

Idiot-proof burger engineering

Go ahead, top these combos!

Go ahead, top these combos!

But what fun would it be if I went for one of the signature creations? I was here to be creative, so I went ahead with the ‘Customize’ option, customer behind me, diam, lah!

Customizing is a systematic, idiot-proof 5-step layer-by-layer procedure, namely the choice of Bun, Patty…. and so on. See below for the specific options available.

Decisions, decisions...

Decisions, decisions…

I went with my gut instinct and proceeded to create my Mcsterpiece(TM) [McD’s if you want to use this word in your promotional material, I can sell it to you at a reasonable price]. Lo and behold, allow me to present: semolina bun with quarter pound angus beef patty, dressed with whole leaf lettuce, topped with Colby cheese and sauced up with creamy garlic aioli sauce.

After a good 7 minutes of waiting, a MODA wooden serving pan with my burger resting beautifully on it arrived at my table along with with a wet-wipe. Classy.

My creation! Mine!

My creation! Mine!

The first bite yielded a hint more salt that I was expecting. I appreciated the softness of the bun which I highly recommend. It had a chewier texture compared to the normal burger buns. However, the whole leaf lettuce felt somewhat limp and lacking in crunch, so I was quite disappointed with that choice. The beef patty only provided a mildly more substantial bite compared with their usual, but the Colby cheese proved to be the saving grace, adding a creamy consistency that brought the different ingredients together, and rounding the burger out with a unique taste combination. Still, there was a constant tang of salt in every bite which, though mild, did distract from the deliciousness in my mouth.

All in all, to sum up and to be frank [way to be redundant. Ed.], the burger doesn’t really justify its cost (S$8.95). Feeling overcharged for a slightly above average burger, I think that McDonald’s has some work to do if they wish to attract consumers back for more. While aesthetically appealing, and promising an exciting hands-on experience, the final product itself could be much improved: cut down on salt, provide a crunchier type of lettuce and go a little further to give the patty some more extra chewy goodness. Nonetheless, I say it is a step in the right direction for McDonald’s, empowering the customer with the ability to customize for health; for taste; and for wild experimentation with a chance of serendipity.