Chills and thrills that get under the skin: Parasyte the Maxim

Parasyte.7.3Parasyte the Maxim is a science fiction horror anime based on the manga, Parasyte. It starts out with a series of horrific crimes dubbed ‘Mincemeat murders’. The victims are dismembered and mutilated until they are unrecogniseable. These events are eventually connected to a mysterious worm infestation. Each worm seeks a human host which it invades through a body opening such as an ear or nostril. It then moves to take over the brain, thus coopting the victim to do its bidding. Infected humans look no different from the person they once were. However, they show completely no emotion and have incredible strength. They are also able to morph their heads into a mass of long, tentacle-like appendages weilding sharp, flexible blades which they use to kill uninfected humans and turn them into ‘Mincemeat’.

27ab19d068dde9a057a22a3c3bbe00e11406655887_fullThe story revolves around a boy named Shinichi who is targeted by a Parasyte. However, because of some good fortune and quick thinking, Shinchi delays the worm from taking root in his brain. It does, however, take root in his right hand. Because it could not completely control its human host, its top priority is its own survival, which means keeping Shinchi alive for as long as possible. The unlikely pair form a symbiotic relationship — Shinchi names the worm Migi, which refers to his right hand — and together, they fight other Parasytes and odds that are increasingly stacked against them.

Parasytes are very intelligent creatures. They’re purely rational and their blades are able to move at an extremely quickly, almost invisible to the human eye. Something I really liked about this anime is that in every fight scene, Migi and Shinichi would discuss a plan to beat their enemy, which requires a vast amount of trust in each other. This plot device allows the viewer a chance to follow the action without confusion, given the speed at which each encounter takes place. And because the strategies, which are usually formulated by Migi, are always very cunning, unexpected, and difficult to execute, it is thrilling for the viewer to see if the plan is successful or not. I looked forward to the fight scenes the most.


The Original Soundtrack (OST) was very well made and really added to the atmosphere. One track which really caught my attention is ‘Next to You’, and it plays during almost all theheart-breaking scenes. It is one of the contributing factors to the success of Parasyte, being able to enhance and enhance the emotional response of the viewer to the scene.

Also, I absolutely love the plot. It has a well thought out storyline with a decent mix of shocking plot twists; intense moments, useful backstory, and I especially liked how the conclusion was patiently built up and ended satisfyingly. Considering the I am not a big anime fan, this one kept me on the edge of my seat every episode.