Don’t ‘Forget’ Marina and the Diamonds’ fresh froot of the month

Forget-ArtworkDiamonds Rejoice! Marina and the Diamonds just dropped the next Froot of the Month and it’s one that’s a little hard to forget (okay, bad pun).

This month’s treat is ‘Forget’ , the Green apple. This comes after ‘FROOT’ (Grape), ‘Happy’ (Lemon), ‘Immortal’ (Blueberry) and ‘I’m A Ruin’ (Cherry) from her monthly harvests. This just leaves the Orange, before the full album is released on March 16th (it’s been pushed forward!). These tracks will be immediately made available to those who pre-ordered FROOT on iTunes, or other digital distribution platforms, with an accompanying music video for each track on YouTube soon after.

Almost without preamble, ‘Forget’ starts off with Marina’s signature sultry voice, and from that first verse, you can already guess what the song is about.

Sometimes I think I’m not that strong

But there’s a force that carries me on

Sick of my small heart, made of steel

Sick of those wounds that never heal

Though Marina is known to be metaphorical with her titles and lyrics, Forget is a track that’s pretty much in-your-face about wanting to get over one or more bad life experiences (a failed relationship, maybe?). Living with the pain of regret, the key to being able to move on, apparently, is one’s own choice to accept one’s past and take strength from the journey forward. The track is pop rock-ish, which adds to the spectrum of musical styles that FROOT already offers.

Now, on to the video. It is shot in a black and white palette, and begins with the cliched ‘audibly walking into studio’ intro, accompanied by the name of track and artist and all. When the spotlight turns on, the track starts, revealing Marina’s big crimped hair and black outfit. Clearly, this is going to be another one of Marina’s simple and artistic music videos, which seems to be the trend towards the end of Electra Heart.

The video basically revolves around Marina, quite literally, while she sings. The spinning partition reveals two sides: Marina in a white outfit, with slicked back ponytail, while the other side, Marina rocks a black outfit with flared sleeves and voluminous crimped hair. The most interesting thing about the video is the appearance of the band, which I can say is a first for a non-acoustic video of hers. 


The album, FROOT, lies in contrast to her previous eras – ‘The Family Jewels’ and ‘Electra Heart’ – but it shows Marina’s growth and development as an artist by capturing and combining what defined those albums, all while still bringing a unique flavour to our ears. There are still the ‘Family Jewels’ raw and emotive vibes succeeded by Immortal; electric pop from Electra Heart transcended into songs like FROOT and Forget; while Happy is a signature Marina ballad: just her vocals and a piano. She has taken the raw qualities of Family Jewels and the high production values and darkness from Electra Heart to produce what could be, at least in my opinion, her best work to date.

So, my final take on ‘Forget’ is that it is beautiful in its simplicity. It is upbeat and pop-rock-esque, which would surely appeal to most audiences, but it still has that unique Marina charm that Diamonds know and love. The video was quite stark and austere, some might say boring, but rather than allow the visuals to tell the story it kept the focus on the audio-narrative, letting the strong lyrics speak for themselves. In the many repetitions of listening to this track for this this review, I seem to have gotten quite addicted to it. Also, Marina is probably the only artist who can sing the word ‘tortoise’ in her song and still sound cool.

Forget was released on 4th March 2015, with its video releasing on YouTube the same day.