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Accessories are literally the best thing to have ever happened to mankind. Accessories allow us to express our individuality and to turn an outfit from something blah to something with oomph by adding subtle details that make our wearable possessions unique to us. Particularly with so many big name brands hawking the same mass market merchandise, and 7/10 people in the room are clutching an identical iPhone each, what would make, say, your iPhone special? Accessorize!

Behold Society 6! This generation’s answer to individuality without making our stuff look tacky and over-done.

Society 6 is a website for artists to put up their work for sale as prints on items like mugs, rugs, T-shirts and phone cases. Upon entering the website, you will see a whole collection of designs that cater to a diversity of tastes, be they for quirky, weird graphics; or textures, or clever quotations. Anyone, regardless of (sub)culture, socioeconomic background or age should be able to find something that they can use to show the world that ‘this is me!’

Society 6 provides a platform for easy browsing through a catalog of art pieces by people from all over the world, without the bother of hoofing through a hot, sweaty flea market hoping to find the ideal case serendipitiously. Filtering options are available to make the search for that perfect, elusive phone case even more convenient. And with just with a click of your mouse, it will be mailed to your doorstep with free tracking for international orders. As a regular customer of Society 6 myself, I can vouch for this website’s trustworthiness.

Apart from phone cases, Society 6 does art printing on almost any material that we are likely to make use of every day. This flexibility allows for printing on almost any consumer product we own — even duvet covers and laptop cover stickers!

For artistic people out there who are looking for an avenue to display your creative works without losing your rights to your work, consider putting it up on Society 6. For every piece of merchandise sold that carries your print, you will earn a commission, allowing you to make some money on the side while developing even more prints. Better yet, consumers (such as me!) will benefit from your continuous contribution to the site by giving us more options to express our individuality even better.

However, every great product comes at a slightly hefty price. Every phone case is priced at about $35 USD and gets even more expensive, the larger the print. Also, international orders are charged a flat rate of $10 USD. And with our exchange rate at about 1.35 SGD to 1 USD, it works out to almost $60 SGD in total for a single phone case… a bit steep for me since I don’t earn an income of my own.

However, I think that it really depends on how sensitive you are to cost and whether you are willing to pay a higher premium for goods of guaranteed quality. I suggest shopping with friends and sharing the shipping cost, or buying more items so that it feels like the shipping charge is more justifiable. Furthermore, I do believe that the extra cost actually pays for the each artists’ effort and that such great work should be appreciated with that little extra jingle.