Chanel Inimitable Waterproof: bright eyes at a price

For a beauty product that should be replaced every three months or so, high-end mascaras that burn a hole in my pocket are to be avoided. I hate having to weep while I  toss out the dried-out carcass of a dearly departed mascara a couple of weeks after shelling out for it. Luckily for me, on my birthday I received two mascaras, one being Chanel’s Inimitable in #57 Blue Note. Hey, don’t judge me for being economical.

Chanel’s Inimitable Waterproof is marketed as multi-dimensional mascara: supposed to add volume, length, curl and lash-separation. Can a mascara that flawless really exist? Well, from my experience, it’s not quite the holy grail of lash enhancement, but it definitely deserves a few brownie points.

Design: Classy as always, this mascara is presented in a sleek black tube with a luxurious gold band and the Chanel logo. The brand does have a knack for making conspicuous consumption look so good.

Colour: Straight out of the tube, Blue Note is a bright, almost metallic, electric blue that is extremely gorgeous. On my naturally black lashes, it tones down a bit into a deeper but still impactful royal blue. It might seem like an outrageous colour for eyelashes, but it actually looks quite natural and is a refreshing alternative to the classic black. It really brings out brown eyes and hair, creating a youthful, fun look without looking overdone.

Trust me, this photo does not do the colour justice

Wand: Regular rubber wand, nothing to shout about. But hey, you can’t beat the classics. It’s easy to use and maneouver around corners, which is great for beginners and connoisseurs alike.

Length and Volume: Provides a good amount of length without going into spider-leg territory. This allows you to fake what heaven left out without looking like Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove. Yikes. Volume-wise, it definitely adds some substance but not nearly close enough to 1960s pin-up thick, which really is, in my opinion, the epitome of sexy, flirtatious eyes. But it’s good enough for a day time look, I guess. Yes, I’m a drama queen.

Curl and Separation: Unfortunately, I don’t see that this mascara created any curl in my lashes at all. They did hold nicely though, after going over them with an eyelash curler, so two thumbs-up for sustainability. It separated my eyelashes a little but after the second layer, some clumps started forming — not obvious but no better than my Maybelline mascaras. For Chanel prices, a smoother finish is what I’d expect.

Staying power: 5 stars for staying power. My lashes stayed proud and blue the entire day without unflattering shadows or flakes, which is a big achievement for me and my mascara-repellent eyes.

Overall, this mascara does do a decent job and creates a sweet and fresh doe-eyed look, but lacks real drama in my opinion. I will be using it quite regularly because of its fresh colour and day-long endurance, though I doubt there will be a repurchase while I’m still on a shoestring budget. I do recommend, it, however, for beginners who have some extra cash to spare or those lucky ladies out there who don’t need as much extra help as I do in the eyelash department.

Personally, I will be going back to my beloved Falsies by Maybelline. Now if only that came in a wider variety of colours…



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