Adonit Jot Mini: a slick stick

It has been two phones since the unforgettable experience with my now passé Motorola Dext, one of the first few Android phones in the market. One thing I really miss about that phone is the fact that it has a slide-out qwerty keyboard, complete with rear key illumination for speedy texting in the dark, something that has sadly become extinct in the current breed of smartphones.

In place of the slide-out keyboard phone is the sleek, slim candybar smartphone, such as the ever-popular Samsung Galaxy series phones, some models even bundled with a stylus for an enhanced messaging and note-taking experience. The ingenuity of bringing back the stylus in place of the clunky slide-out keyboard really struck me and totally appealed to me. Yet given my limited resources, I was sadly unable to afford the latest Galaxy Note II when my previous phone, the Galaxy S began to fail on me. The only option I was left with was the underrated LG Optimus 4X HD, a high-spec, low cost phone, designed for cheapskate high-power users like me!

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Yet after a couple of months of usage, I always felt as though I was lacking something. Perhaps it was an accessory? Or a new phone cover? Try as I might, I just couldn’t figure out what I lacked. Then, as I was browsing the tech shop of my neighbourhood mall, I realised that I lacked a stylus!! Yes, a stylus would enable me to take notes easily whenever I don’t have the time to pull out a notebook and pen! A stylus would enable me to scribble down random musings into my phone! And so, I bought a stylus. Not just an ordinary stylus, mind you, but a fine-tip Jot Mini stylus, with an pocket-burning price tag — considering my allowance — of S$40.

The Jot Mini consists of two parts: the main stylus itself, and a screw cap for protection of the tip when not in use. The tip itself is circular, and can bend to a wide range of angles to suit the writing posture and position of the user.

Touch sensitivity is fine, and using the Jot Mini to write notes on Handwrite, a free Android app for note-taking was a breeze, although there is the occasional failure of my smartphone to detect the touch of the stylus. The fine tip also came in handy when I needed to touch up a photo of some lecture notes captured by my phone’s camera, and needed to write the topic of the notes onto the image itself.

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Compatibility-wise, this stylus works with iPhone screens and Samsung tablets, as my tests on my friend’s iPhone 4S and a store display Galaxy Tab 2.0 showed.

Overall, I reckon the Jot Mini a fairly good buy for an avid note-taker/image editor/digital artist who requires a fine-tip stylus, provided you don’t mind the exorbitant price tag.


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