J.Lo Wants to Dance Again

When a Billboard multi-charted act reaches a certain maturity, out comes the almost mandatory ‘Greatest Hits’ Album.

For R&B diva, Jennifer Lopez, 43,  the time has come to release her Greatest Hits in her latest album, Dance Again… the Hits (2012). J.Lo has even gone to the extent of giving this compilation album its own concert tour under the same promotional name.

Since going Platinum in 1999, Lopez has earned her spot among the R&B greats of the 21st Century, with hit singles like “On The Floor” hitting charts everywhere upon first release. Although this album does not qualify for the charts — being a compilation of re-releases — J.Lo fans have been snapping it off the shelves.

This album has audiences on their feet with its opening track “Dance Again” re-igniting the sparks left behind after “On The Floor” faded off the charts. This time, the title track is back along with 13 hit singles that both recent and die-hard fans are sure to enjoy.

The most striking thing this compilation has to offer is the impeccable order of all 13 tracks listed, including the 3 bonus tracks in the deluxe edition. Played in sequence, the entire experience of this album is like attending a ‘live’ J.Lo concert, but without the background audio of screaming fans and the R&B queen’s in-between patter to hype the audience.

However, isn’t it perhaps too early for her to release a Greatest Hits compilation? Most mainstream artists attempt to raise one last hurrah with their greatest hits when they reach their 40s and their stars are beginning to fade, but J.Lo seems to be among the few who have clearly surpassed her sell-by date. Even at 43, J.Lo maintains the same brilliant ability to captivate and please her fans. That she continually delivers chart-toppers while featuring on American Idol as a judge has kept her in the spotlight and appearing on stages around the world.

Still, with this Greatest Hits album, Jennifer Lopez — like her idol Madonna — has proven that age is no barrier to a successful mainstream music career. R&B lovers, be prepared to dance again. J.Lo is back, more sprightly than ever.

by Killswitch_X


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