Fortune, Wild Ones disappoint critics

American Rappers Chris Brown and Flo Rida may have had their fair share of successes back in the days of their respective Platinum selling singles ‘Kiss Kiss” and “Right Round”. However, both their latest releases, though topping the charts immediately on their release date (3 July) at #1 and #14 respectively, have largely failed to impress the critics. Even moderately successful pre-release hit singles such as “Strip” (Brown) and “Wild Ones” (Flo Rida) have failed to rescue either album from waves of criticism from the increasingly demanding R&B market.

What seems to have gone wrong with these 2 supposedly star-studded albums? A quick listen to Chris Brown’s “Fortune” has just been a huge disappointment, with critics lambasting its lacklustre performance.

Flo Rida may have been more aggressively promoting his album than actually delivering quality product. Though the rapper appeared on WrestleManiaXXVIII performing his singles, opening for the overwhelming presence of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was perhaps not the best way to commercially introduce one’s new album.

Further listening into both albums yields little by way of an album saviour. Both albums reflect a poor choice of featured vocals. Flo Rida probably erred having Sia Furler, a chillout singer guest on the promotional single while featuring chart screamer J.Lo on an ordinary album track. No impression of Furler? Exactly.

Although Brown chose better, featuring the talents of Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa, fans are skeptical over the inclusion of Khalifa’s more vulgar style of rap which was widely panned when he guested in Maroon 5’s hit, “Payphone”. Maybe not the best of choices, after all.

Overall, both albums disappoint in more than one way. Both artists will have to re-look their marketing strategies while generating more ideas on how to appeal to their audiences. With these releases, Chris Brown’s “Fortune” was misread and… who knows what Flo Rida was thinking?

by Killswitch_X


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