Solid new Wolves captivate rock market


Solid State Records has done it again. Since the disbanding of one of metalcore’s most popular bands, Haste The Day, there has been a gaping hole at the heart of this top selling US label.

After almost a year of hunting, talent scouts have discovered a replacement big enough to fill that gap: a worthy wolfpack — howling, growling and hungry.

Formed barely 4 years ago by lead guitarist and clean vocalist Steve Cobucci, Wolves At The Gate signed with Solid State after the independent release of the impressive We Are The Ones EP in 2011.

1 short year later, these wolves are once again howling, and viciously chomping at the ankles of the Billboard Heatseekers charts. Surprisingly, the release of the recent Captors album has charted an all time high of 6th on the iTunes Rock charts only charting behind John Meyer’s Born & Raised (#4) and same day release, Infamous, by fellow electrocore band, Abandon All Ships (#5) as on 4 July 2012).

Wolves At The Gate truly stands out among the few hardcore bands with the ability to deliver countless memorable melodies and well-toned screams in nearly every song courtesy of unclean vocalist Nick Detty who just turned 20. Detty’s amazing intonations are comparable to that of As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambersis or Demon Hunter’s Ryan Clark. Aesthetically, all 11 songs in the album consist of simple yet striking guitar riffs and aptly timed breakdowns, much in contrast to their more unstructured early works.

Apart from a stunning array of musicality, lyrics prove critical to the success of Captors. Explicitly Christian-centered, the lyrics are uncompromising but meaningful, with listeners being able to relate to them easily. Equally successful are the Wolves’ music videos such as “Dead Man” and “No Rival” which shine with professionalism and slick showmanship.

Overall, Captors provides an all-round performance and well-deserves the praise of the critics. While most hardcore bands usually take an average of 6 years to establish themselves, Wolves At The Gate seems to have done it in 2. The potential of this band seems limitless with songs like “Dead Man” and “Heralds” already gone viral on YouTube after Captors‘ release. If Haste The Day was once Solid State’s main course, Wolves At The Gate has got to be the label’s latest signature dish.

by Killswitch_X


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