Metal concert tour burns red-hot

Avid metal fans in Singapore have waited too long to catch American Metalcore band August Burns Red and Post-Hardcore band Blessthefall ‘live’ in concert, but most concert attendees agree that the wait was more than worthwhile.

On-site reporter, Moses, files this report from the August Burns Red x Blessthefall concert tour at TAB:

30 April, 2012

“The anticipation outside TAB was so high you could feel the energy even from the time we began queuing. People showed up as early as 1730hrs just to be at the front of the mosh pit. Despite the lack of floor space inside this Bar-cum-concert venue, simply being inside when Blessthefall took the stage was a whole new experience by itself. BTF lead vocalist Beau Bokan hyped up the crowd’s energy, inviting members of the audience onstage for ‘stage dives’.

Photo credit: Izzan Haziq

The crowd became even wilder through the night as Billboard toppers August Burns Red took the stage with hit song Empire. The vibrancy of the audience was phenomenal. We were in one voice screaming lyrics even while creating possibly one of the wildest mosh pits TAB’s concert crew has ever seen. However, the highlight of the night was when a random member of the crowd, Fareed Brubaker, was invited onstage to play the bass for the closing song, Composure.

Overall, attendees I spoke to on average gave this concert an whopping 9/10 rating. Many also agreed that the relatively low ticket prices at S$87 was more than a worthy buy as many came with high expectations and left with a whole new concert experiences.”

Being the inaugural concert for both metal bands, lead vocalists of both bands, Beau Bokan & Jake Luhrs concurred that the Singapore concert was one of their best nights they’ve had on this world tour. Surely for those privileged ticket holders, they would more than agree.

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