May Day releases anticipated for B.o.B., Underwood and Jones

Isn’t Labour Day supposed to be a day of rest? Not for 3 of Hollywood’s most sensational artists. While everyone else kicks back and takes a breather, Rapper B.o.B, American Idol Carrie Underwood & music artist cum movie star Norah Jones will be hard at work releasing their latest albums.

Strange Clouds will be B.o.B’s second album following his burst onto stardom last year with Billboard topper, Airplanes. However, the album’s promotional single Where Are You has largely failed to captivate his audience as he did with Airplanes. Thus, until the album is fully released, it’ll be hard to determine if this sprightly rapper has crafted a worthy buy. For B.o.B, this 15-track album could a determining factor to his longevity in the music scene.

In contrast, Underwood’s Good Girl has gone viral in the US, where this country-styled hit charted the Billboard 100 at 18th place. While maintaining the vocal power of her past releases, avid listeners who have followed Underwood since Season 4 of American Idol should identify a slight change in her singing technique. Fans of country pop will be pleased to know that Underwood has once again raised the bar on her vocal tenacity & clarity.

Rivaling Underwood is Norah Jones with a pop/alternative album, Little Broken Hearts. Disappointingly, her promotional single Happy Pills has so far failed to even hit the Billboards, only charting 49th on the Billboard Rock charts despite its beautiful fusion of soft rock & jazz . This simple single does not showcase Jones’ full vocal capabilities, however, which is perhaps why it’s been lagging on the charts. For Jones, the only chance of salvaging her third release is if the rest of her album can impress as much as did her first and second.

Regardless, we have not seen anything new from either Underwood or Jones since 2009, so fans of these 2 female stars will definitely be queuing early for these long overdue releases.

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