One Direction: straight to the top!

Watched X Factor (UK)? If you did, this name will sound familiar to you. Pop music fans; get ready for a terrific Tuesday as One Direction’s debut album hits the shelves of music stores in the US this 13 March. This is the last official release date for this British-Irish boy band’s album, Up All Night. It’s going to be another record breaker in the music industry, already being the third fastest selling album in the UK last year. Here in Singapore, One Direction’s Up All Night debuted at peak position, entering charts at the top spot.

Since their sensational reception by both the judges and the audience of the British X Factor, One Direction has been dubbed the next Westlife. It is still hard to believe that all members of this third-placed group at the X Factor are teenagers of ages 18, 19 and 21. Barely 2 years prior to their formation on the X Factor Season 7, One Direction are now in the midst of their Up All Night World Tour, performing hit singles like chart topper “What Makes You Beautiful”. Clearly, X Factor producer and owner of Syco Entertainment, Simon Cowell, has the eyes to spot the next potential teenage wonder.

Critics are skeptical of One Direction’s sustainability in the music scene, however. Will they follow in the footsteps of other past boy bands like Westlife and the Backstreet Boys and gain their fame through being a united group? Or will they use One Direction as a stepping stone to individual fame and fortune? After all, One Direction was formed to keep these 5 boys in X Factor after they did not make the cut as solo acts. Still, this will be difficult to judge as One Direction is still in its early stages of becoming the next big thing in the world. For them, the world has indeed become their stage and their medium of expression.

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