Singapore Airshow (pt 2): The Bombardier Sales Exec

Having acquired a 4-day Trade pass to the Singapore Airshow 2012, KF-US chats with delegates about their jobs in the Aerospace industry.

Mr Aldo of Bombadier Aerospace

Mr. Aldo (A), Bombardier Aerospace Sales Executive shows off his product knowledge:

How does one become a sales exec for an aerospace company?
A: You’ve got to study hard, get a college engineering degree, join the right company and work your way up from there.

I see that you’re marketing the Bombardier Q400 turboprop plane. Are there any potential customers in Asia that you’ve courted so far?

A: Well, we’ve tried to court Firefly Airlines of Malaysia, but they decided to opt for the competing ATR-72 model instead. The aircraft you’re on is going to be delivered to SpiceJet of India. It’s lucky number eight on the delivery book.

A SpiceJet Bombardier Q400 Turboprop. Photo Credits: Howard J Curtis,

I’ve flown with Firefly Airlines before, and I must say Bombardier does indeed have a nicer interior. I love those Boeing 787-style molded interior fittings.
A: Well, in this age of technology, one has to keep up with the trends, eh? That’s the reality of competition. The slimline seats are exclusive so as to maximize the 31 inches of legroom space. Our overhead luggage compartments are latched by upward push-buttons to ensure luggage does not fall out. They are able to occupy larger overhead baggage for the convenience of passengers. The main luggage compartment is located at the back to allow for easy disembarking from the front door. Larger windows do enhance the experience too.

Since the jet is going to be delivered to India, may I know if this jet has been equipped with special modifications, say “hot-and-high” capability?
A: Wow, you do seem to know quite a bit about those technical terms! Well, for “hot-and-high” conditions it refers to airports which have a higher temperature and higher altitudes- so more power is needed to power up the plane so that it can take off. Rival ATR offers it as an option; all Bombardier Q400 planes have this “hot-and-high” capability as standard. Our Pratt and Whitney engines have over 4500 horsepower to handle that. How’s your experience with Firefly’s ATR planes, anyway?

Bombardier souvenirs

Well, Bombardier feels better; at least you have boarding from the front doors so that I don’t get caught up in the jet wash. (laughs)
A: Ah, you see, that’s why our luggage compartment is at the back of the plane. We also have a secondary luggage compartment at the front, so that the crew can load any oversized carry-on baggage on the plane.

That was a very interesting and informative conversation. Thank you very much, Mr Aldo.
A: You’re welcome. Glad you liked it. Study hard, open your own airline business and who knows; you may end up being our next customer in the future.

In Part 3, KF-US talks to two USAF F16 pilots… stay tuned!


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