Chinese TV drama is ‘cool’ again

Ever since the Korean Wave hit Asia in 2003, Chinese TV dramas have lost their lustre and popularity. Until now.

Chinese dramas are starting a renaissance, with several of the latest hits being broadcast in Singapore, and cultivating a new and stronger fan base among local youths.

Netizens have noted that Chinese dramas are getting more popular because of their strong cast and fascinating storylines. A Netizen in his 30s who declined to be named, said that “Instead of being stuck with boring historical or modern family dramas, Chinese producers are finally making dramas that are able to connect more with local audiences.”

One of the most prominent and hottest Chinese dramas has got to be Scarlet Heart (步步惊心), a time-travel period romance drama based on the best-selling novel written by Tong Hua. Scarlet Heart has been gaining popularity among Singaporean viewers, scoring 750,000 to 800,000 viewers every episode shown on Mediacorp’s Channel 8. Btw, if you’ve missed an episode this week, Catch-up, while you still can, courtesy of!

Andrea, 18, observed that “Scarlet Heart’s popularity is not only due to the gorgeous cast, but its romantic storyline. Many of my friends still argue whether the ending could have been better!”

Chinese dramas do not only mean dramas produced in China. In fact some of our very own local dramas have got huge fan bases of their own. The latest Channel 8 drama crime thriller, Unriddle 2 (最火搭档2), is set to hit local screens and has many fans from the previous season anxious for more.

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Xin Li, a student in her 20s, believes that Unriddle 2, starring Rui En and Chen Liping, is one of the best local dramas produced currently. “Unriddle is so cool as the plot twists and the mystery surrounding the crime keeps us guessing who’s good and who’s evil.”

Andrea’s conclusion certainly resonates among many of the Chinese drama fans . Move over Korean drama, Chinese drama is back, cooler and hopefully better than ever.



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