The Cranberries return… with Roses

They seem rusty, but they are back with a bang. With their latest album Roses to be released on Monday (27 february 2012), the Cranberries have created long overdue Irish music hype prior to last years’ release of their hit single, “Tomorrow”. Even after a lengthy 9-year hiatus, Dolores O’Riordan has brought her band back into the music scene sensationally.

However, their pre-released single, despite being ranked 30th on the Billboard 200, has received an array of mixed reviews from various music critics. For starters, fans who are attracted to their unique brand of grunge may have to settle for more spacious music instead of the grunge that they are familiar with. The album preview, “Tomorrow”, seems to show glimpses of musical rustiness, lacking the aesthetic hype that was carried through past chart toppers like “Zombie” and “Salvation”. Nevertheless, O’Riordan’s vocals never fail to impress, even with the slight switch of genre to pop rock.

In a nutshell, this album is still worth a listen. However, it would be advisable to first get a feel of their new style through their single “Tomorrow” before purchasing the album. For the singers-wannabes, having this album would have added advantages especially in picking out O’Riordan’s varying vocal techniques and styles. Our take: Certainly worthy of listening.

To celebrate the release of Roses on Monday, the Nanyang Musicians’ Club with be performing its own version of “Zombie” on 21 February 2012 during the Life Skills Workshop Session. A ‘live’ YouTube video could be uploaded prior to this performance.

By Killswitch_X


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