K-poof! K-pop stars a no-show on campus

Super Junior Madness

For some students, 17th February 2012 was just another day at school. But for other students, it was a day of roller-coaster emotions as rumours had been swirling around that two K-pop idols, Choi Si-won and Lee Dong-hae of Super Junior fame, would be coming to College to publicise their new TV drama Skip Beat! (華麗的挑戰).

The speculation started on popular social networking site Twitter the night before. Most students found it completely unbelievable, but there was sufficient interest in the topic to get #nyjc trending on Twitter for the first time. When Super Junior fan, Michelle, first heard the rumors, “I thought it was fake”.

Yu Ru, another fan, was “furious that the news that they were coming got leaked,” as several fans not studying in the college were understood to have made plans to sneak on college grounds for a chance to see their idols.

Though the students arrived with high hopes in the morning, these hopes were quickly dashed as it was announced that while Choi and Lee had indeed been scheduled to visit the college, Choi had taken ill and the visit had been cancelled. Yuen Yee, although not a fan, remarked that it was “a pity that they couldn’t come as it would have boosted the popularity of the school”.

Less sympathetic was Tan Guan Hoe who was happy to be spared the “nuisance of other fans coming to our school to see them”.

Among the fans, Michelle was “disturbed and really disappointed. Tickets to their concerts cost over S$200, so it would have been a great opportunity to see them for free!”

M_ was “utterly upset”, while Yu Ru (a member of CNNY, which shoots, edits and reports video news for the college) was also “disappointed as I came so close to interviewing/filming them!”

Undaunted, Michelle and M_ nevertheless look forward to attending the SS4 concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Saturday 18 February 2012.

By Theresa C


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