Evanescence ‘live’ in Singapore: concert preview

Evanescence remains familiar years after its hit single, Bring Me To Life, was featured on the Hollywood blockbuster movie, Daredevil. Following their 3rd studio album released in September last year, Evanescence continues to be a hit in with their appealing style of gothic rock music.

Much hype around their current world tour lies around front woman, Amy Lee’s, new band line up replacing most of the band members behind Bring Me To Life who departed in 2003.

However, the biggest anticipation for local fans of this world-acclaimed band would be its long awaited appearance in Singapore on 27 February 2012. Fans still have a chance to get tickets, as they are as yet not fully sold out.

You can definitely expect a night of holistic entertainment especially with the band belting out new hit singles like What You Want and V-Day Rock Song of the Year, My Heart is Broken; both from the latest studio album, Evanescence.

For those who have yet to get the album, it is definitely a worthy buy. The musical and lyrical styles of the old band have been replaced with fresh inspiration; although the songs do start to sound the similar midway through the album. Still, this album is worth catching and their new songs are a must-have in your trusty MP3 player.

Reviewed by Killswitch_X


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