NYJC touch-rug placed champs in Asian tourney

19 November 2011

The Asian ‘All Schools’ Championship was organized by the Asian Touch Football Federation. Against teams from various countries like Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and among the many local JCs and Polytechnics, NYJC emerged Champions in the local under-18s category. I spoke to a few members from the team to recount the lessons learnt from the championships and how the team has progressed since then.

Did you expect to win the championship? What were your thoughts upon witnessing the strengths of the other teams?

Felicia Tao (Team Captain): Being the few local schools that participated in this tournament, the win was rather unexpected. It was our debut international tournament where we faced tough opponents from countries like Thailand and Manila. Despite having a rough start, the team managed to piece ourselves together as one and struggled with strong determination. Subsequently, this determination enabled us to enter the quarter-finals and brought us all the way to the finals. Then, we knew we were facing a tough opponent-the previous champions of the same competition. Nonetheless, with the team playing together as one and spurring each other on, we clinched the title of Champions for 18’s B.

How did you feel during the matches?

Zunairah Seron (Exco member): I felt excited and nervous before every match because everyone looked so professional! I was also proud of my team members for fighting through from morning till night for this competition.

Were you proud that you were representing NYJC?

Ang Hui Ting: Yes! In the beginning, we were intimidated by the foreign teams and did not expect to win at all. However, we slowly gained confidence after playing a few matches. We just put in our best effort for every match. Surprisingly, we made it into the finals and even won the championship! It was a feat for us as our coach and some of our team mates had to leave before the end of all the matches.

Do you think you are prepared for the JC League (equivalent of Singapore schools’ A division)?

Cherynn Tan: I think that I am not ready now but we will be ready by the time the League starts. As a team, I believe we will train hard together and overcome all odds. I will put in extra effort during training and give my best for the team!

What is the most important lesson learnt from playing as a team?

Lui Si Ying (Exco member): I think that the most important factor in team sports is that it teaches us an essential life skill that is really necessary if one wants to succeed and thrive in this world, which is how we treat our peers when we work closely with them. In the future, everyone has to work with other people and I feel playing as a team will help us integrate into the ‘team player’ society in the working world. There’s bound to be all sorts of characters in a group or on a team, so playing as a team will help us learn how to cooperate if we want to be champions! Basically, even non-athletes or non-team sports playing people have to learn to interact with fellow humans so team sports is a great way to acclimate oneself to work as a group and also learn to compromise and cooperate with one another.

by Catching Lightning


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